This Women's Month, we're celebrating the remarkable women leading the charge toward a healthier planet and a more sustainable future. Our campaign, "Women Are For Keeps, Sustain Her Story," puts the spotlight on these changemakers, and today, we're honored to feature Ana Kamila Niguidula, the co-founder and formulator behind For Keeps Clean Beauty.

Rooted in Sustainability from a Young Age

Ana's connection to sustainability began in her formative years. Raised by naturalist parents, she developed a deep respect for the environment and a commitment to conservation. Her passion was further nurtured by a school actively involved in environmental initiatives. This foundation undeniably shaped her future path.

Her dedication to environmental well-being translated into her career. She founded an all-natural bath and body care brand. Her vision extended beyond creating luxurious products; it was about offering an alternative to products filled with synthetic and potentially toxic ingredients. This brand became a platform for her to marry sustainability with beautiful, handcrafted creations.

A serendipitous meeting in 2020 with Pia Sy marked a turning point. They shared a vision of making clean beauty accessible to a wider audience. Recognizing the challenge, they remained determined to create a commercially viable brand offering authentically clean beauty products. Together, they embarked on a new chapter, building a brand committed to both sustainability and efficacy.

A Champion for Natural and Biodegradable Practices

Ana's advocacy extends beyond her formulations. She actively promotes the use of natural and biodegradable materials over synthetic alternatives. Additionally, she encourages practices like reducing single-use plastics, recycling, and reusing existing materials.

Bridging the Convenience Gap

Ana acknowledges a key challenge in promoting sustainable practices: convenience. Industries cater to our desire for ease, making it difficult to convince consumers to adopt potentially less convenient sustainable options. Despite this hurdle, Ana remains determined, highlighting the importance of education and gradual lifestyle adjustments that create lasting change.

Empowering Others on the Sustainability Path

For aspiring sustainability advocates, Ana's advice is simple yet powerful: start
small and build gradually. By integrating sustainable practices into your daily
routine at a comfortable pace, you can create a long-term commitment to a healthier planet.

Driven by Conscience and Inspiration

A strong moral compass guides Ana's dedication to sustainability. She believes in the collective good and recognizes the responsibility we all share to protect our environment.

A Legacy of Inspiration

Ana finds inspiration in the women who shaped her life. Her grandmother, a pharmacist who crafted effective natural oils and soaps, ignited her interest in the science and artistry of formulation. Sister Luz, a pioneering environmental advocate at her grade school, further solidified na's commitment to sustainability. Finally, her mother, who possessed a talent for finding beauty in nature, instilled in her the importance of creating beautiful products that are kind to the environment.

Ana's story exemplifies the power of women to create positive change through science and innovation. For Keeps Clean Beauty isn't just about offering safe, effective products; it's about inspiring a shift towards a more sustainable future. Join us in celebrating Ana and all the women who are "For Keeps," building a healthier world, one mindful choice at a time. Follow our campaign using #SustainHerStory to learn more about these inspiring women.


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