One step closer to a kinder world and a brighter future.

Modern life means constant exposure to harmful environmental toxins in our surroundings from the pollutants in the air, to the chemicals in our cleaning products, and even the personal care products that we use. Over the past few years, there have also been a growing number of studies that link these chemicals to a host of diseases. Frequent exposure and interaction with these chemicals are strongly suggested to be contributing factors to a lot of health concerns like cancer, infertility, or reproductive problems.

We wouldn’t take chances on our health now more than ever and we don’t want you to either. More and more people are looking for alternatives without the harmful effects of many conventional products that we use every day. Simply put, there’s a movement towards using safer and equally effective alternatives which also happen to be responsibly-sourced and produced.

We created For Keeps with the intention of giving you the opportunity to go about your daily routines without worrying about risking you or your family’s health and well-being.

We wanted to create bathing and cleansing products in harmony with a clean beauty philosophy that have simple, non-toxic, effective, and responsibly-sourced formulations. Our lineup of all-natural products formulated with gentle and nourishing ingredients ensures that you can go about your day to day, completely at ease that you’re consistently taking steps towards a kinder, more mindful lifestyle sans toxins. 

Our mission is to make clean beauty less of an exclusive luxury or occasional treat and more of an ordinary option. Our goal is to provide more people with the opportunity to make better decisions for themselves and for the planet day after day.  We’re determined to create trusted clean beauty products that’ll deliver results and promote a culture of mindfulness and giving back.

A brand you can rely on day after day.

We believe that lifelong wellness starts with discipline and commitment which are vital for permanent change. 

Lasting health and mood-boosting benefits begin with a daily practice. This is why we have committed to making daily staples you’ll keep coming back to - not just because of the transformative difference it’ll make on your skin, but also in your day to day self-care habits.

For Keeps is your day to day companion for life that’s kind to the planet and kind to people. We are with you every step of the way on this path to slowly but surely making better choices together, forever. After all, every step towards a life with thoughtful intention is one step closer to a kinder world and a brighter future.



For Keeps Clean Beauty