This Women's Month, we're celebrating the women who are forging a path towards a healthier planet and a more sustainable future. Our campaign, "Women Are For Keeps, Sustain Her Story," puts the spotlight on these changemakers, and today, we're honored to feature Pia Sy, the President and Founder of For Keeps Clean Beauty.

A Spark Ignites a Journey

Pia's journey into sustainability began during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst the uncertainty, she discovered the Clean Beauty movement, a philosophy that resonated deeply. Reflecting on health and environmental issues, she realized that her existing soap brand contained ingredients harmful to both. This revelation, coupled with discussions with her entrepreneurial husband, led Pia to shelve her current brand and embark on a new venture built on clean beauty principles.

From Homemaker to Sustainable Skincare Champion

Determined to create truly clean products, Pia sought out Ana Kamilla G. Niguidula, a highly experienced clean beauty formulator. Their shared vision and commitment to sustainability led to the creation of For Keeps Clean Beauty, a brand offering basic bath products formulated with the environment and wellbeing in mind. For Ms. Sy, a homemaker for 25 years, venturing into business presented a new challenge. However, her unwavering dedication to sustainability, alongside Ana's expertise, fueled their journey.


Championing Clean Beauty Practices

Pia's advocacy extends far beyond her brand. She champions the use of personal care products free from harmful toxins commonly found in commercial brands. Additionally, she promotes the reduction of single-use plastics, a major threat to marine life, and proper waste disposal practices to combat overflowing landfills.


Overcoming Challenges, Inspiring Change

Pia acknowledges the challenges in promoting sustainable practices. Decades of consumer conditioning through advertising by large conglomerates present a significant hurdle. Furthermore, gaining wider government and industry support remains a work in progress. Despite these obstacles, Pia's unwavering determination and belief in the power of collective action inspire others.


Empowering Others on the Sustainability Path

For those aspiring to join the sustainability movement, Pia’s advice is clear: be resolute, stay true to your convictions, and never give up on making a difference. She emphasizes that every sustainable action, big or small, contributes to a healthier planet and a brighter future. She encourages individuals to become role models, especially for younger generations.


Driven by Love and a Vision for the Future

Pia's unwavering commitment to sustainability stems from her love for herself, her family, and the planet. She envisions a future where the health of humanity and the Earth are prioritized.


A Legacy of Inspiration

Pia finds inspiration in countless women who have seized opportunities, pursued their dreams, and challenged the status quo. These women, including her mother, Pura, and mother-in-law, Aning, have instilled in her confidence, selflove, and the belief that every individual has a purpose. She admires women who step outside their comfort zones, stand by their convictions, and embrace both their strengths and weaknesses with humility.

Ms. Pia Sy's story exemplifies the power of women to drive positive change. Through For Keeps Clean Beauty, she is not only providing consumers with healthy options but also inspiring a generation to embrace sustainable practices for a healthier future. Join us in celebrating Pia and all the women who are "For Keeps," building a more sustainable world, one step at a time. Follow our campaign using #SustainHerStory to learn more about these inspiring women.


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