Radically Honest Body Care

Meaningful self-care shouldn’t be an exclusive luxury. For Keeps is a proudly Filipino clean beauty brand with simple, effective, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly formulations that’ll be accessible for everyone.

Our goal is to provide you with high quality and practical daily staples you’ll keep coming back to - not just because of the transformative difference it’ll make on your skin, but also in your day to day self-care habits.

With formulas intentionally designed to be daily essentials you can use time and again, we promise to give you a unique and indulgent mood boosting experience without breaking the bank – every single time.

We are committed to creating products that will always be locally sourced and responsibly packaged, cruelty free, and naturally fragranced with a blend of high-quality essential oils for an aromatherapeutic mood and energy boost. 

We work with only the best – and that goes for the ingredients that we carefully source to the incredible local artisans that we work with so that we can deliver only the highest quality clean beauty alternatives to you. 

You can trust that For Keeps products will always be gently crafted with natural active botanical ingredients and high-quality essential oils.

As the values we uphold as a clean beauty brand become more commonplace, we are certain that the positive impact it will have on the local industries and economies involved in personal care products will be profound. This is why we’re absolutely dedicated to bringing our vision to life by creating trusted clean beauty products that’ll deliver results and leave a positive impact.

For Keeps, Forever.

Our Vision is to inspire and create a culture wherein people have better opportunities to make better decisions for themselves and for the planet day after day -- a world where people put kindness and compassion at the forefront of every decision.

Our Mission is to give people a chance to live better in every way possible; to lead a local clean beauty movement that is approachable, attainable, and sustainable starting with products that take a holistic approach to personal care.

Part of this is to inspire lives by bringing energy and vitality into your daily grind with all-natural bathing and cleansing products that’ll enhance your day to day self-care rituals.  

As more people continue to make mindful choices in their daily routines, we hope to strengthen a culture of kindness and consideration that extends all the way to the products people choose to use to hopefully make the world a better place.

Mindfully Made Products

Our collections are made up of products that prioritize your health and safety. This means simple and easily recognizable ingredients lists which are carefully formulated to be gentle yet effective. You can be confident that these will always be non-toxic, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, paraffin-free, mostly locally sourced and crafted, and responsibly packaged.

We chose potent active botanical ingredients like tea tree extracts which have natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and skin-soothing properties, hydrating extra virgin coconut oil, and high-quality natural essential oils that’ll rejuvenate you.  These products contain plant-based active ingredients and all-natural essential oils that’ll help you stay focused, energized, and uplifted.

Our products are 100% handcrafted – which means that two pieces may not be exactly like in appearance but exactly identical in high-quality ingredients and performance.  In harmony with our clean beauty philosophy, we don’t use synthetic colorants, preservatives or fragrances like most conventional soaps to ensure uniformity. This results in our soap bars which have their own little quirks and a whole lot of character. Not to worry, each our bars are still cut and molded with a lot of care and only the best skin-loving and all-natural ingredients. 

You can trust that For Keeps products will always be thoughtfully crafted to provide you with a unique cleansing experience that’ll make a transformative difference not only on your skin but also your daily self-care routines.


For Keeps Clean Beauty