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About Our Products

Clean Beauty for For Keeps

Are For Keeps products safe?

Our formulations are backed by 20+ years of experience in body care products.  Our priority is the cleansing, protection and soothing of your skin, with the additional benefit of comforting scents of specialized blends of 100% pure essential oils. We stress the importance of having products that are safe, effective, as well as pleasant and delightful for everyday body care use. 

We believe that proper balance is most advantageous when both nature and clinical testing work in harmony. Our products do not contain parabens, sulfates, phthalates, paraffin, and triclosan.

We aim to be transparent in all our product testing and in ingredients used. We pride ourselves in distinguishing common misleading greenwashing claims because we believe in the capacity of the consumer to make informed decisions.

Are For Keeps products organic and all-natural?
For Keeps
 products are predominantly, and as much as possible  sourced from natural materials as nature provides such amazing materials that tend to be friendlier and healthier for our bodies and the environment.  As a clean beauty brand, our commitment allows us to tap into the advantages of science and technology and to create with the most recent lab-made ingredients that are used to support our formulations and amazing natural ingredients, and are tested and proven to have no ill or toxic effects on the environment

How are For Keeps products produced?
We believe in the long-lasting effects of creating a circular economy, we have carefully designed the entire life cycle of every For Keeps product in a closed-knit system of production which benefits the environment and livelihood of our local communities. From the botanical ingredients and essential oils that come from natural resources to our local artisans crafting each product by hand and our durable, reusable packaging, we make sure to only leave a positive impact through our products.

Are For Keeps products tested on animals?
We are a cruelty free company. We believe that testing on animals is not only inhumane, but we also know that animal testing is not an accurate predictor of results in human beings.

How are For Keeps products environmentally friendly?
We aim to be able to reduce waste by minimizing our carbon footprint. Knowing that excessive packaging also becomes a burden for the consumer because it creates unnecessary costs. We are keenly aware of the overall environmental impact of the production of consumer goods, and so we are doing our part in minimizing the impact we have on our planet.

How are For Keeps products packaged?
We are committed to creating clean beauty products, but also responsibly packaged. We do our best to help reduce pollution on earth with our reusable and recyclable packaging.

For Keeps products themselves are biodegradable and do not in any way hard the soil, the seas, and our atmosphere.

These are packaged in ways that both secure the safety of the consumer when handling the product and in ways that allow for the packaging to biodegrade or be reused.  The company strongly believes in finding ways to avoid single use plastic by choosing sturdy recyclable packaging, and providing opportunities to refill. In every decision we make we remember to be conscientious of our commitment to consider the earth’s health and find ways as a brand to at least lessen our impact on mother earth.