For Keeps Clean Beauty


You can trust that every For Keeps Clean Beauty product will always be gently crafted with natural active botanical ingredients and high-quality essential oils.

We work with only the best – and that goes for the ingredients that we carefully source to the incredible local artisans that we work with so that we can deliver only the highest quality clean beauty alternatives to you.


Clean Beauty Philosophy

As a clean beauty brand, we’ve always intended to create shared value – that is, to generate social and environmental progress through our operations.

We believe in circularity - what goes around comes around. We want to be accountable not just for our bottom line, but for the world and everything that comes along with it - that includes everyone involved in our production process, our consumers, and the environment. For us, the mindset when creating products begins with an effort to minimize environmental damage in every step of the process through making use of responsibly-sourced, all-natural, biodegradable, cruelty-free, and environmentally-friendly ingredients. 

Andrew D.

For Keeps was recommended to me since I was looking for clean beauty products here in the Philippines. I tried the Arise Liquid soap and i love it!

Tina S.

Saw your ad on Facebook and I am glad I decided to purchase. Your products smell so good. Very relaxing. Will order again.

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