Build your own gift set with your For Keeps Clean Beauty faves!

Need gift ideas for the upcoming holidays? Or do you want to create your own clean beauty routine? Enjoy curating your own gift set with our #RadicallyHonest body care products, packed neatly in our #MindfullyMade Seagrass Basket, Jute Tote Bag, and Premium Baskets. Mix and match according to your needs – Perfect for your own sustainable home and office, or as environment-friendly gifts for your loved ones to keep the For Keeps family growing! 🌿

We’re happy to introduce For Keeps Clean Beauty’s DIY GIFT SETS!

Curate Your Premium Basket Gift Set

Discover the joy of personalized gifting with our Build Your Own Premium Basket feature! 🛍️ Select from two exquisite options: the timeless elegance of our Rattan Premium Basket, the chic style of the Lupis Premium Basket, or the rustic charm of the Bangkwan Premium Basket.

Price starts at Php 3,500 (Get your basket of choice for FREE)

Discover the Versatile Seagrass Belly Basket Gift Set

Elevate your gifting experience with our unique Build Your Own Seagrass Belly Basket Gift Set! 🎁 Crafted from sustainable seagrass, this remarkable basket doubles as a stylish accessory and functional organizer, adding a touch of eco-friendly charm to any space.

Price starts at Php 2,500 (FREE Seagrass Belly Basket.)

Elevate Your Everyday with Our Stylish Jute Tote Bag Collection

Build Your Own Jute Tote Bag Set – a fusion of sustainability and elegance that enhances your daily life! 🌍 Embrace the versatility of these eco-friendly totes, designed to effortlessly carry your essentials while making a statement.

Price starts at 2,000 (FREE Mini Tote Bag)


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