Our Commitment

One step closer to a kinder world and a brighter future.

Modern life means constant exposure to harmful environmental toxins in our surroundings from the pollutants in the air, to the chemicals in our cleaning products, and even the personal care products that we use. Over the past few years, there have also been a growing number of studies that link these chemicals to a host of diseases. Frequent exposure and interaction with these chemicals are strongly suggested to be contributing factors to a lot of health concerns like cancer, infertility, or reproductive problems.

We wouldn’t take chances on our health now more than ever and we don’t want you to either. More and more people are looking for alternatives without the harmful effects of many conventional products that we use every day. Simply put, there’s a movement towards using safer and equally effective alternatives which also happen to be responsibly-sourced and produced.

We created For Keeps with the intention of giving you the opportunity to go about your daily routines without worrying about risking you or your family’s health and wellbeing. We wanted to create bathing and cleansing products in harmony with a clean beauty philosophy that have simple, non-toxic, effective, and responsibly-sourced formulations. Our lineup of products formulated with gentle and nourishing ingredients ensures that you can go about your day to day, completely at ease that you’re consistently taking steps towards a kinder, more mindful lifestyle sans toxins. 

Our mission is to make clean beauty less of an exclusive luxury or occasional treat and more of an ordinary option. Our goal is to provide more people with the opportunity to make better decisions for themselves and for the planet day after day.  We’re determined to create trusted clean beauty products that’ll deliver results and promote a culture of mindfulness and giving back.

We believe that lifelong wellness starts with discipline which is vital for permanent change. Lasting health and mood-boosting benefits begin with a daily practice. This is why we have committed to making daily staples you’ll keep coming back to - not just because of the transformative difference it’ll make on your skin, but also in your day-to-day self-care habits.   

For Keeps is your daily companion for life that’s kind to the planet and kind to people. We’re with you every step of the way on this path to slowly but surely making better choices together, forever. After all, every step towards a life with thoughtful intention is one step closer to a kinder world and a brighter future.

We are committed to long lasting change, beginning with our daily choices.

We want to encourage natural and mindful ways of caring for ourselves, our loved ones, and our planet with an honest to goodness skin care routine that feels good and does good. In harmony with our philosophy, we’ve carefully designed every For Keeps product to come from the earth and return to the earth through a production process that leaves only a positive impact.
We are determined to create a positive societal and environmental impact through our business practices - from the source to the receiver and back again. From our establishment, we’ve always intended to create shared value – that is, generating social and environmental progress through our operations.

We are committed to steadily building a work environment and company culture where kindness is the right of way and respect is not up for debate. We will practice fair and equal treatment, champion inclusion, and ensure a safe and healthy work environment for everyone involved. 

Kindness, compassion and transparency are ideals that we are driven to uphold and embody as a brand. We want to be proactive as a business right from the start because we know it’ll be key for lasting change.  We believe that integrating these values into our team promotes a culture of mindfulness and giving back that extends beyond us.

Traceability matters to us so we are committed to practicing utmost transparency with our ingredients, our process, and our carbon footprint. From painstakingly sourcing raw materials to our finished high-quality products, we’ll share every step of the way with you.

As these values hopefully become more commonplace in business practices, we know that the positive impact it will have on the local industries and economies involved in personal care products will be profound.  This is why we’re absolutely dedicated to bringing our vision to life by creating trusted clean beauty products that’ll deliver results.

We know that showing up and delivering on our promises will be a solid foundation for lasting change so that For Keeps can be with you for life. 

Finding ways to do better, to be better.
We promise to remain steadfast in our commitment to develop and create non-toxic and ethically made bath and body products at practical prices without compromising a culture of kindness and a clean beauty philosophy.

We hear you – we know everyone has different skin concerns and needs for their particular lifestyle so we’re dedicated to keep innovating as we go along.  We know we may not get everything right at first but we’re always open to hearing new and better ways to go about every step of our process from you.  After all, constant growth and learning are one of life’s greatest joys and doing it together sounds like a ball! 

Championing our community
Our commitment to give back to the communities that create For Keeps products as well as the larger communities which we belong to is wholehearted. We value the relationships we have with our incredibly skilled workforce so we are dedicated to supporting our communities as well as the local industries that help us create products we can all be proud of.

For us, this simply means integrating everyone’s insights into healthy value chains, safe working environments, and providing learning opportunities for happy employees and local communities. We believe that carefully listening to and having a good understanding of everyone’s unique voice and perspective is key to maintaining a happy, fair and productive working environment for all.  This is why we really value being in tune with the needs and interests of consumers, our employees, our partner retailers, local communities, and society as a whole.
Commitment to quality
We’re believers in the age-old adage that all good things take time, so this is an approach that influences much of our creation process.  We work with only the best – and that goes for the ingredients that we carefully source to the incredible local artisans that we work with so that we can deliver only the highest quality clean beauty alternatives to you.  As always, in support of local communities and the environment, our collections will be responsibly sourced and packaged and  proudly Filipino.

We value your well-being so we want to equip you with all the information you need to make the best possible choices for you, your family and the planet we belong to on a daily basis, especially when it comes to your personal care products.

For Keeps Clean Beauty