Our Philosophy | For Keeps Clean Beauty

Our Philosophy

Kind to planet, kind to people.

For Keeps is a proudly Filipino brand that takes its pride in strongly adhering to a clean beauty philosophy in the formulation of its products. Every product is intentionally made  primarily keeping the health of people and the earth in mind.

Culture of Kindness:
✔  Kind to self
✔  Kind to others
✔  Kind to the planet

As a clean beauty brand, we’ve always intended to create shared value – that is, to generate social and environmental progress through our operations.

We believe in circularity - what goes around comes around. We want to be accountable not just for our bottom line, but for the world and everything that comes along with it - that includes everyone involved in our production process, our consumers, and the environment. For us, the mindset when creating products begins with an effort to minimize environmental damage in every step of the process through making use of responsibly-sourced, all-natural, biodegradable, cruelty-free, and environmentally-friendly ingredients. 

What does the circular economy of for keeps looks like? In harmony with our belief in circular initiatives, we’ve carefully designed the entire life cycle of every For Keeps product to come from the earth and return to the earth in a closed-knit system of production -> delivery -> disposal that leaves only a positive impact.

We believe that kindness is paid forward. We take our responsibility to perpetuate a culture of kindness very seriously.   From the top to the bottom, from the source to the receiver - we make an effort to incorporate this into our business practices. We value everyone’s livelihood and well- being so we strive to positively benefit the communities involved in the creation of every For Keeps product.  We’re determined to keep improving our mode of production and distribution in order to provide a truly restorative experience for you and everyone involved in making every single product.

Doing good by you, your family and the planet shouldn’t be so difficult.  With For Keeps products, you can indulge in unique sensory experiences everyday while taking comfort in knowing that our gently crafted formulas look out for you and your loved ones’ wellbeing without compromising your values.

What makes For Keeps different?
Dedicated to locally lead the Clean Beauty movement, For Keeps is committed to being the skincare brand that advocates for progressive formulations that accommodate the creation of bath and body care products that are simple, healthy , effective, non-toxic, responsibly sourced, and environmentally friendly. Our goal is to provide high quality and practical daily staples that not only create a transformative difference to the skin, but also helps maintain proper day to day self-care habits that are kind to the body and the planet. It is the company’s desire to make this accessible and affordable to more.

What do you mean by ‘Clean Beauty’?
Clean beauty focuses on the creation of  body care products that do the job while prioritizing the health of people and the planet. Its formulations do not use ingredients that, through scientific studies, point to any possibility of these having  human and environmental health hazards.

What makes you a Clean Beauty brand?
Much like eating a clean diet rejects the idea of having processed foods and focuses on healthy meals that deliver nourishment  to the body; clean beauty does the same but through the skin.

As a brand that specializes in clean beauty body care, we aim to be responsible. We want  to create products that make use of ingredients that only contribute to our health, compared to products that are found to use ingredients that build up and cause health problems with continued use. It is important to remember that  the skin is the largest organ of the human body, some of these chemicals we put on it are eventually absorbed, and can either bring health or create havoc in our tissues and organs.