In recent times, people have been more mindful about their consumption and what we put into and onto our bodies. So, it comes to no surprise that there is a peak of interest in clean beauty. In the simplest of terms, Clean Beauty generally means products that are free from toxic ingredients deemed to be harmful for human-use and the planet.

At For Keeps, we have created our own standard for what Clean Beauty should be. We are a proud Filipino clean beauty brand with simple, effective, non-toxic, and environmentally-friendly formulations that are accessible to everyone. The brand was created in June 2020 at the onset of the pandemic when the founders decided it was time for a more environmentally conscious and ethical beauty brand to come forward.

Founders Pia Sy and Ana Gutierrez-Niguidula came together with a bright vision for a local beauty brand that only used the highest quality ingredients and safest formulations that could be accessed by everyone in their communities. It was important for Gutierrez-Niguidula to stick to her roots in all-natural bath and body care, having spearheaded her own brand that had been around since 2001, ahead of the local clean beauty movement. Before this movement, Ana’s brand, Bodyfood, gave her the tools and experience to master and lead the business of more natural formulations that focused on ingredients that came from the earth and could be returned to it as well, without compromise. Meanwhile, Sy had long had the idea for a local clean beauty brand that could compete and promise customers the real deal versus the other brands on the market that took to green-washing or not being as transparent about where their products were being sourced provided there are no current regulations in the country for “clean beauty”.

Both founders quickly embraced their philosophy of safety first for people and the planet as their philosophy. For Keeps Clean Beauty aims to make clean beauty everyday routines more possible for everyone, balancing the use of non-toxic ingredients and naturally sound formulas.

What is Clean Beauty?

The clean beauty philosophy has swept up and reshaped a customer’s mind and has grown into a nearly global shift that most, if not all brands, are now seeking to acknowledge and hop on the clean mindset themselves. What started years ago in skincare is now deeply woven into the DNA of beauty, stretching to all categories across the industry. “Clean”, “organic”, “safe”, and “non-toxic” are terms in the beauty industry that have been trending in the past few years. These trends have radically changed a common consumer’s expectations in a brand and their purchasing behavior.

Customers are more knowledgeable about products than they have ever been. With one click of a button, a consumer has access to countless online forums about specific “toxic” ingredients like phenoxyethanol and alcohol, data on how these ingredients may be affecting them and their skin type, and the like. These ingredients are described by many online as aggressive, sensitizing, and generally damaging to the skin or body. In the Philippines, there is no set standard of rules across the industry for local brands to declare themselves as “clean”. It’s up to brands to define what it means for their label and what certain ingredients they may need to avoid as they may cause harm to the user and their environment.

Clean beauty as we know is the effort of earth-conscious companies like For Keeps to provide safe, healthy, honest products. As a consumer in this fast-paced industry, the best way that we can prioritize getting beauty and self-care products that are good for us and the community around us is to keep track of our health and skin needs, as well as start to read the label to avoid any ingredients that may cause you harm. For Keeps only use premium and high-quality ingredients. 

For Keeps’ beliefs only fuel the brand’s clean beauty philosophy which is to create skin and body products that are safe, non-toxic, and effective with formulations that come from the earth and can be responsibly returned to it as well. The goal of For Keeps Clean Beauty is to provide its consumers with the opportunity to make better choices for themselves, their families, and the planet, especially in this turbulent time.

Each product is crafted with sustainability and safety in mind, as the brand pushes to work with the best local artisans and champion fair production practices. By being aware of the ingredients our products contain and how they are sourced and made, you are also helping us continue our promise to be entirely ethical in our production process by taking care of our artisans at the same time.

Our skincare lines are all crafted with high-performing clean ingredients – every product is safe, non-toxic, and mindfully made. Strong enough for on-the-go protection, luxurious for delightful indulgence, and just elegantly simple. When you choose For Keeps, you choose effortless and effective change for the way you and your family contribute to your community and the planet.


For Keeps Clean Beauty