This Women's Month, we celebrate the remarkable women leading the charge towards a healthier planet. Our campaign, "Women Are For Keeps, Sustain Her Story," shines a light on these changemakers who are building a more sustainable future. Today, we're honored to feature Ms. Ana Rita Varona, a passionate advocate for marine conservation and the driving force behind the Drop the Plastic movement.

From Unexpected Inspiration to a Lifelong Commitment

Ms. Ana Varona's sustainability journey began while working on a television program dedicated to protecting the Philippines' natural wonders. Witnessing the raw beauty of the country's natural parks and marine protected areas ignited a passion for environmental well-being within her. This experience propelled her from office work to becoming a consultant for organizations like Smart Seas, UNDP, and WWF-Puerto Princesa, where she focused on expanding Marine Protected Areas through education, knowledge sharing, and photography.

Fighting Plastic Pollution at its Source

Her work as a scuba diver and photographer exposed Ana firsthand to the devastating impact of plastic pollution on Philippine islands. This fueled a personal crusade against plastic waste, leading her to spearhead the Drop the Plastic movement. This initiative collected over 14 tons of plastic in just one year, demonstrating the power of collaboration between consumers, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods companies (FMCGs), and small businesses.

Ana emphasizes that effective waste management relies on a collective effort. Educating consumers about proper waste segregation and cleaning empowers recyclers to process materials efficiently. This holistic approach diverts plastic from landfills and safeguards the oceans, our source of clean air, food, and water.

Overcoming Challenges and Empowering Action

One of the biggest hurdles Ana faces is ingrained societal habits. Many rely on a 'throw-away' mentality when it comes to waste disposal. She advocates for a shift in waste management practices, urging Local Government Units (LGUs) to implement more effective waste collection systems that channel materials towards recycling facilities. Additionally, she encourages manufacturers to provide clearer information on product recyclability and empower consumers to minimize their environmental footprint.

Inspiring Change, Generation After Generation

Ana’s unwavering dedication stems from the knowledge that our planet is irreplaceable. She draws inspiration from her daughters, who navigate a complex world with a strong sense of environmental responsibility. Additionally, she finds strength in the unwavering commitment of conservation leaders like Theresa Mundita Lim and Gloria Estenzo-Ramos. These women demonstrate that resilience and innovation are critical for tackling environmental challenges head-on.

By sharing Ms. Varona's story, we hope to inspire others to take action. By scrutinizing our consumer choices, advocating for effective waste management practices, and supporting sustainable businesses, we can all contribute to a healthier planet. Together, let's embrace our responsibility to safeguard the environment for ourselves and future generations.

Join the "Women Are For Keeps, Sustain Her Story" campaign, and let's celebrate the women who are shaping a more sustainable future, one mindful choice at a time!


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