For Keeps Refill Revolution

Elevate, Refill, and Sustain

Welcome to a cleaner, greener world with For Keeps! Our 1L Refill Bottles not only bring you more of your favorite clean beauty products but also come with a FREE canvas drawstring bag for sustainable, on-the-go convenience. Choose your mood, refill your regular or travel-sized bottles, or go eco-chic by using our products straight from the refill container. It's time to embrace clean beauty and contribute to a planet-friendly routine.

Arise 1L Refill

Awaken your senses with our invigorating Arise Hand + Body Wash. Bursting with energizing scents and clean, botanical goodness. Refill, reuse, and elevate your mornings.

Especially designed for morning use, you’ll feel rejuvenated as each product is infused with our uplifting blend of natural citrus oils that’ll activate your senses and energize and prep you for the day ahead.

Cold pressed coconut and olive oils with a citrusy blend of 100% pure essential oils (peppermint, calamansi, dalandan, orange & bergamot)

Unwind 1L Refill

Indulge in the calming embrace of Unwind. Let the soothing scents and nourishing formulas transform your self-care routine. Refill, relax, and unwind.

UNWIND and set yourself up for a blissful night’s sleep or use as needed to ground yourself in the present moment. Our calming aromatherapeutic lavender essential oil will ease you into a much-needed break.

Cold-pressed Coconut and olive oils with a blend of 100% pure lavender essential oil

Cleanse - 1L Refill

Experience the pure joy of cleansing with Cleanse. Immerse yourself in the gentle yet effective formula that leaves your skin refreshed and revitalized. Refill, cleanse, and pamper your skin.

Our CLEANSE series all adhere to our clean beauty philosophy without compromising their efficacy or performance.  This refreshing blend of tea tree, peppermint and lemongrass essential oils fortifies each product with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Cold pressed coconut and olive oils with a blend of 100% pure essential oils (tea tree, peppermint & lemongrass)

Protect - 1L Refill

Prioritize safety without compromising on luxury with Protect. The powerful yet gentle formula keeps you shielded while nourishing your skin. Refill, protect, and care for your well-being.

PROTECT is a non-drying and high-performing sanitizer with 65% ethyl alcohol, aloe vera, and a blend of tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils for that on-the-go round-the-clock protection and skin hydration.

65% ethyl alcohol with a blend of 100% pure essential oils (tea tree, peppermint & eucalyptus)

Canvas Drawstring Bag: Embrace Sustainability

Your Free Canvas Drawstring Bag - More Than a Pouch

Your free canvas drawstring bag is more than just a stylish accessory; it's a commitment to sustainability. Use it to:

  • Carry Your Clean Essentials: A chic way to tote your For Keeps products on the go.
  • Reusable Shopping Bag: Skip single-use plastics with this eco-friendly alternative.
  • Organize Your Space: Keep your bathroom or travel bag neat and tidy.
  • Gift with Purpose: Share the love by gifting your favorite For Keeps products in a reusable bag.

Make a statement, choose clean beauty, and join us in creating a world where beauty and sustainability go hand in hand. Refill, reuse, and relish in the For Keeps experience!


For Keeps Clean Beauty