What is Clean Beauty? – For Keeps Clean Beauty

A plethora of products used everyday by the majority of consumers have apparently been toxic to all human beings from the get-go.  This toxicity in products has been a big topic of discussion for several years now, and so has the issue of environmental degradation caused by unconscious companies. To answer the call in tackling these two issues, several “clean beauty” brands have sprung up globally in the last decade or so.  So what is clean beauty?  In general, clean beauty is using more natural versions of your favorite skincare products.  Embracing both natural and man-made ingredients so long as they do not harm our health and our planet. Essentially, these are products that do not contain certain harsh and potentially toxic ingredients (natural or synthetic) that are considered unsafe or even controversial (suspected of being unsafe).

Tying clean beauty products with the environment, most, if not all clean beauty brands are environmentally conscious, and use sustainable materials in packaging-- which include the ingredients sourced having neither harmed the planet nor created a huge impact on the surrounding natural environment in deriving them, are cruelty-free (not tested on animals), and does not contain any animal by-products.  To illustrate this point further,  products claiming to be “green” but use palm oil-- which comes from the fruit of tropical palm trees and is therefore considered natural, does however cause devastation on the environment, as growing more and more palm trees causes deforestation which then precipitates the loss of animal habitats.

More importantly, just because a product is certified organic or natural, this does not necessarily mean that the product is non-toxic.  For example, most fragrances hide behind the general title of “fragranced” and are said to hide toxic ingredients as well.  Clean beauty may be an umbrella term for natural,  but there are however, certain synthetic ingredients that can actually be safer.  ALL ingredients need to have legitimate testing and therefore, this is an ongoing process for most clean beauty brands.

A lot of the modern-day diseases are caused by things that we did not even know we were absorbing into our bodies. The skin being the largest organ in the body, anything and everything we apply to it is absorbed.  A lot of what we put on our bodies have toxic chemicals that are detrimental to our health.  More and more consumers are becoming more conscious of the impact that the production of these goods have on the environment, and the harmful effects it has on us-- which generates significant consequences to our overall health; these buyers have then looked to purchasing or even DIY-ing alternative solutions to their everyday essentials.  

In the Philippines specifically, not a great majority of the masses are offered clean beauty products at affordable prices, neither are they even entirely aware nor concerned about how everyday skincare products affect their overall health.  We realized that most of the products that promote “clean beauty” which are available in the market right now are expensive and not easily accessible.  We believe that finding these kinds of “clean beauty” products should be available to everyone, and that monetary gain should not overtake value, effectiveness, and safety.  

This is why we wanted to create a brand that answers a lot of these issues, not just for the conscious consumer who wishes to live more responsibly, but for all consumers (environmentally conscious and health-conscious or not) that use bath and body products daily.  We wanted to establish a conscious company dedicated to developing mindfully created products, developing gentle, kind, honest, safe yet still effective everyday products that are part of your routine, being with you every step of the day, from start to end and in-between, and that makes you feel secure when using them.

We introduce to you our brand, For Keeps-- a company that is committed to producing the highest quality skincare products that use safe and (non-harming) natural ingredients, and still be able to offer them under affordable prices, without harming the health of the consumer nor the Earth.  Developing products that fulfill your daily needs, inspiring you to make better choices not just for the body, but the mind and spirit as well.  We believe that you should not have to choose what’s cheaper than what’s safer for you.  We give you the power to maintain healthy skin and a healthier you.  We are committed to making you feel secure by looking out for you by being kind to yourself, to others, and being kind to the planet.  We give back life with our safe, honest and natural products, we look out for you, to keep you worry-free and harm-free.

We promise to be a brand that will be as transparent as possible regarding our ingredients, carbon footprint made, and will develop high quality customer service to answer truthfully any product issues, and correct mistakes brought about by legitimate concerns.  We have in our arsenal, people who are knowledgeable in quality control, and the whole chain of sourcing.  It is imperative for us that we look at the processing and sourcing of these natural ingredients to ensure that these do not have a negative impact on the human body.   So as we learn more about things that are harmful to human health, we will continue the research and update our products as we continue to discover further new information

Real “clean beauty” means that these products are legitimately safe for both humans and the environment.  Just like eating clean eliminates processed foods from the daily diet, and focuses on nourishing instead of making the stomach full, the same is true for clean beauty skin care.  Now with For Keeps, this will be readily available to the average consumer who will finally be full in safe cleanliness, and not full in toxic sanitation.