The value of establishing good habits – For Keeps Clean Beauty

The Importance of Routine and What We Can Offer

Manila, Philippines, August 12, 2020/ It is important to establish a daily routine to be able to function properly in a busy world, and it’s even more critical to maintain a habit of practising proper hygiene everyday.  In this new era,  a spotlight has been placed on absolute cleanliness and how that helps to keep illnesses at bay.  We are aware that taking a full body shower and washing one’s hands as often as possible are the most basic of routines that we need to keep up on.  So why do we need to establish routines in the first place?  Establishing a routine has a positive effect on our overall well being.  Creating a structured daily practice gives us a sense of control, provides a reason to get up in the mornings, and bestows us the desire to keep moving forward.  When you already know what you are going to do every single day, you deduct the time you spend on making more decisions, and wasting it on things and events that you could have organized earlier.  Allowing you to wake up with a sense of focus, a reason to keep going, and being able to take ownership of your life.  Creating good habits over time will remove the need for forcing yourself to do something you won’t always feel like doing.  Eventually developing a natural determination to complete all necessary tasks and responsibilities.  You’ll find that over time you won’t have to motivate yourself, it just becomes a part of you.


So why is it important today?  Our everyday routine is composed of cleaning ourselves with products that have ingredients that we may not be aware are harming us instead of protecting us.  A lot of the modern-day diseases are caused by things we did not even know we were absorbing into our bodies. The skin being the largest organ in the body, anything and everything we apply to it is absorbed, a lot of what we put on have toxic chemicals that are detrimental to our health.  More and more consumers are becoming more conscious of the impact that the production of these goods have on the environment, and the harmful effects it has on us-- which generates significant consequences to our overall health.


We are also aware that most Filipinos may not be cognizant of the harmful effects everyday products may pose, which generates significant consequences to their overall health.  This is why we wanted to create a brand that answers a lot of these issues, not just for the conscious consumer who wishes to live more responsibly, but for all consumers (environmentally conscious and health-conscious or not) that use bath and body products daily.


This is where we come in, we have created bath and body products that will be a crucial support to your cleansing habits, and become an essential in your daily routines.  We know that there are hundreds of brands out there with products used for the body.  You probably even have your favorites and those that you buy out of habit.  What we offer you however, are products that are non-toxic, chemical-free, “harm-free”, honest, and ethically made, bath and body essentials at affordable prices. We offer you all-natural and safer alternatives that produce healthier and younger-looking skin.  These products are not just for people with sensitive skin, these products are for everybody, because everyone needs safer alternatives to their daily cleansing routines that don’t just wash away dirt, and protect from outside-borne illnesses, but helps aid our own internal health by not disrupting our hormones, nor harming our skin’s natural barrier. 


We realized that most of the safe products that are available in the market right now are expensive and not easily accessible.    We believe that finding these kinds of safe products should be available to everyone, and that monetary gain should not overtake value, effectiveness, and safety.   We are committed to keeping our prices affordable without compromising our values nor sacrificing our brand promise.   We promise to be as transparent as possible regarding our ingredients, carbon footprint.  We will develop high quality customer service to answer truthfully to any product issues, and correct mistakes brought about by legitimate concerns.  We aim to gain customer trust to the point that even if certain concerns cause us financial loss, we will go the extra mile to make certain that our customers are satisfied with our products and services.

The initial products that we will be offering are our Cleanse, Protect, Arise, and Unwind line which includes bar soaps, liquid soaps, hand sanitizers, and insect repellants.  All of which are mild, non-toxic and naturally fragranced with a blend of high-quality essential oils.  These bath and body products are essential to our everyday routine and protecting our health. Establishing products that are needed for the morning, in between, and evening routines for natural skin care.

As our product line names suggest, our products under the Arise line are for starting you day, the Unwind products are for ending your evenings, Cleanse are for daily safe washing, and the Protect line is for making sure your skin barrier is safe guarded.  Our hand washes and soaps are mild and moisturizing. Our hand sanitizers are moisturizing as well and do not make use of triclosan or any antibacterial chemicals that are toxic to the human body.   Our introductory products are all-natural, vegan, have no preservatives, cruelty free, locally made, and proudly Filipino.  We practice sustainability by exercising responsible packaging, as well as supporting local communities,  all of which are part of our overall ethos.


We will eventually be exploring the production of body washes, lotions, facial care products, oils, body scrubs, cosmetics, that all follow our promise.  We believe that you should not have to choose what is cheaper than what is safer for you. We give you the power to maintain healthy skin and become a healthier you. We are committed to making you feel safe and secure by looking out for you through honest and natural products that will keep you worry-free and harm-free.