Beauty Diary by Jenn – For Keeps Clean Beauty

I moved back to Manila from the US years ago and since then it was quite an enriching journey.  This remains true when looking for properly labeled food and skin care. I initially had a hard time adjusting. My wellness path has been a learning experience and through the years, I have discovered so much about my health. My perspective had to go beyond working out, doing yoga and meditation. My lifestyle shifts continue to evolve especially when I had to quickly navigate hormonal conditions that affected my day to day. Fast forward to now and it is exciting for me to see there are more locally-made and sustainable products I can use. 


Day 1 - June 14, 2021

For Keeps package arrived!

I appreciated the packaging first and opened it after my morning sweat session. Everything smelled so good which made me excited for a post-workout shower.

I set the tone to my week on Monday mornings so ARISE soap seemed fitting. Thankful for the reminder that is #ChooseKindness because it was apt to kick off a week where I am adjusting to two timezones—since I start summer semester online in the US Eastern timezone while still working in Manila time, I needed to approach this week with KINDNESS.

I mean it when I say using this was an amazing experience. It lathered up really well, so smoothly and felt so supple.


Day 2 - June 15, 2021

ARISE is officially a part of the daily wash up, something to look forward to because it smells energizing. It sets you up for a good day. With the extreme heat in Manila, I may have had to sneak in quick, showers throughout the day to refresh. ;)

Today was busier than others. In between meetings, I usually rub and sniff my go-to essential oils (peppermint and orange) but since my For Keeps stash was within reach I tried the sanitizer. You know how they say scent attaches to memory, a place or setting? This did it for me. Something so simply formulated can actually give so much. One of my favorite spots during the pandemic is my Tita’s garden house and this brought me right back. Lest we forget we still need to sanitize constantly, and this one does the job, too.


Day 3 - June 16, 2021

My class ends at 2 am Manila time and this is one of those odd days when I had a hard time sleeping. Zoom fatigue is real and anxiety can creep up when we end our days. After all the stirring in bed and what could’ve been doom-scrolling on Instagram, I got up for a warm shower using UNWIND. It did exactly that. Lavender is a powerful scent I associate with relaxation and grounding.

I was able to calm my nerves and let the day wash away. Coupled with a breathing exercise and I was off to uninterrupted sleep. Finally!


Day 4 - June 17, 2021

I was starting to feel lethargic, like I had jet lag because this adjustment week was timed with my monthly aches and pains. I have the condition called endometriosis which also causes a lot of hormonal imbalances including skin issues, among others. Midway through this For Keeps experience, I realized that it’s been a long road to finding the right mix of what I put on my skin specifically on weeks like this.

I start the day with ARISE and end it with UNWIND. This is now the right combination to begin and end my days.


Day 5 - June 18, 2021

I had to step out for a few errands. I usually have my alcohol spray in my bag but on the way out I remembered to throw in the sanitizer. As everyone has experienced, being out there just for a few hours can become an ordeal with all the extra steps before entering establishments. This also means endless sanitizing and rubbing alcohol in your hands.

Glad to have the handy For Keeps sanitizer that does not dry my hands and smells so good. Years ago I had to make my own basic sanitizers and sprays because I couldn’t find ones that aren’t toxic or overpriced.


Day 6 - June 19, 2021

Sometimes we work weekends because the digital world does not sleep. I am becoming attached to the hand soap because today means phone-laptop-iPad use to edit, proofread while doing chores. This is about to be way too much surface touching. 

After yesterday’s trip outside—and this happens after every trip outdoors— I was constantly in a hand wash frenzy. I also get extra conscious because my watch times each hand washing to make sure you do it for 20 seconds. Sometimes I get lazy but since I used the hand soap, I tend to go over 20 seconds. First of all, lathering it up is so much fun. Second, it smells fresh and clean. And most importantly, it also doesn’t dry your hands. The scent even lingers in the bathroom afterwards. My mom noticed this and I backtracked what I used which was evidently still For Keeps!


Day 7 - June 20, 2021

Wrapping up the week that was. In preparation for the Monday mindset, I usually have some rituals like journaling, listing my to-do’s and setting my intentions. If I feel extra and ritualize it with a longer meditation because Sundays are for taking your time. I diffuse essential oils and go up the rooftop of our condo to burn sage or incense.

Today I chose to simplify: journal, to-do list, intention setting and CLEANSE soap. Clearing our spaces and cleansing our bodies are important. We live and breathe in them. Cleanse is a keeper for me because of the squeaky clean feeling without drying and toxic ingredients.

Safe to say the last seven days have been full but I am definitely more focused and grounded. I was definitely kinder to myself. Adding the For Keeps product line to my days has helped. Aside from the scent, quality and my favorite part which is the supple feeling the soaps give, I know these products were mindfully and honestly made. I think along with everything else we put in our minds and bodies, you can tell from the sensory experience that they were crafted with good intentions.

PS - the notebook is my new gratitude and manifestation journal!