Beauty Diary by Ally | For Keeps Clean Beauty

Not gonna lie — i sometimes cringe when brands market themselves as an advocate of “clean” beauty. This concept definitely has merit but can be overly misused. See, my skin is hypersensitive — eczema-prone, irritated almost instantly upon contact, and dry. So i can be very discerning when using skin products. While i try to be mindful with my purchases for sake of sustainability, my skin just can’t tolerate some “natural” ingredients in certain formulations. Having said this, i think that when formulations are done right, clean products are game changers (hello Aēsop and Pixi!) — and so i took a chance with For Keeps, a Filipino clean beauty brand. Seems promising but, will their products replace my derma-tried and tested holy grails for cleaning and disinfecting my skin? I’ll stay open for the next 7 days to find out!! 


Day 1 Tuesday:

My For Keeps package just arrived! The moment i opened the box, a whiff of fresh scents greeted me. It reminded me of a day of massages and body scrubs in a spa.

I tried first the Arise soap for my afternoon shower (so hot in Manila!!) because I was immediately drawn to its citrusy scent. There was no irritation (to me, this is very important), and I smelled fresh and clean. As a plus, the bathroom smelled like a spa, all day.


Day 2 Wednesday:

Started using the hand sanitizer (formulated with ethyl alcohol) and i was so happy that it didn’t dry as much as isopropyl alcohol. I love the minty scent, very uplifting.


Day 3 Thursday:

I initially placed the sanitizer next to the front door as part of our sanitation counter but as the day went, i find myself always wanting to get to it haha. Instead, i made it as part of my “wellness side table”, a side table that keeps me sane and stress-free throughout my long workdays (and nights). 


Day 4 Friday:

Today was uneventful — Fridays always seem to be a rushed day. Everyone gears up to start an early weekend haha. I was stuck on my work desk the entire day. As usual, my wellness side table became my refuge. I also noticed that I used my hand lotion less today (my palms and cuticles would normally dry up with the frequent use of rubbing alcohol so I resorted to hand lotions). I’m really starting to get attached to the For Keeps’ sanitizer!!! 


Day 5 Saturday:

Rhinitis day! I usually get rhinitis attacks with sudden weather changes and with the rain coming and going, the entire day was filled with sneezes and sniffles. Again, the sanitizer became my BFF today— its mild scent was less irritating. The peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils also helped me breathe easier!


Day 6 Sunday:

Took a warm bath the night before using the Unwind soap and in the morning, I woke up feeling much better.

Also, I placed the Cleanse liquid soap in the powder room. It has tea tree oil which had antibacterial properties so I know it would be great for hand-washing. We loved how our hands felt so soft and smooth, unlike our usual hand soaps. 


Day 7 Monday:

I was running out of my bath soaps so decided to use the Cleanse liquid soap for bathing! Just like the soaps, there was no irritation. I usually get a skin reaction from tea tree oil but was pleasantly surprised to have none with this product. Cannot wait to get the Arise variant in this format! Super perfect for sharing in a family setting.


Overall, it was an amazing 7-day journey with For Keeps. My skin conditions have always limited my choices but I’m so happy that For Keeps products actually worked for me. So excited to replenish and stock up on  my favourites: the sanitizer and Arise soap in liquid format. I also look forward to seeing the line grow (think: lotions, balms, hair care!!). Indeed, the For Keeps brand isn’t just riding the clean beauty bandwagon — they know what it is and execute it with integrity. And you know that sense of pride knowing that the products are thoughtfully and sustainably Filipino? That feeling is truly, For Keeps.